About Us

We have a good technical infrastructure looking to the future with confidence, deep and strong roots.
OzmenConstruction Co. which has taken the lead in the construction industry since 1994 thanks to its dynamic organization which has been constantly evolving since its formation has been the key solution in construction because it offers the best solutions to meet the expectations of today's world which change rapidly since the first project. Our principle-based on continuous growth which describes OzmenConstruction Co., customer satisfaction, and constant improvement of quality and environmental standards are among its basic principles.

Vital functions assumed by the construction industry which constitute the basis of progress require aiming for the best solution and reaching the climax beginning from minute details. OzmenConstruction Co. has adopted long-term customer satisfaction as our criterion for achievement based on our commitment to offering services meeting international standards to different establishments and individuals on our path leading to the climax. Every institution and individual whom we have served based on maximum customer satisfaction joins our ranks as a part and proof of our achievements.

We believe that togetherness with our friends makes us stronger. As OzmenConstruction Company our vision is to realize pioneer projects at all areas we operate, at all areas where we operate and act different and innovative. As OzmenConstruction Company our mission is to realize operations and projects that would represent the country and the firm at local and international arenas of all operations for which we assume the part of pioneer. Setting off from traditional, innovative approaches are our main targets. So much so that each operation conducted and each step taken forward are established to enable us to reach such targets. Rationalistic solutions bring along an indispensable point of view which is the most significant and direct route to reaching excellence.

Quality must be life itself, not just a fact. Each operation we realize with this view contains quality at the world standards. In OzmenConstruction where quality is adopted as an understanding from uppermost to lowermost, action is taken according to common criteria in the sense of community, environment, sector, and operations. Each one of us work to the best of our abilities to lift the quality bar higher.